Eight reasons why the office beats remote working
Eight reasons why the office beats remote working - Itek House, Glenrothes

Eight reasons why the office beats remote working



While at work, communication can really make or break your day. 

It builds trust with co-workers and allows healthy and productive relationships to form.  

Office work also helps avoid miscommunication and confusion – body language and facial expressions play such a big part in how we interact with our peers.

With remote working, this is taken out of the equation. 

65% of workers said that socialising is what they miss most while working remotely. 


Related to communication, collaboration is another pro to office working. 

Group work can bring great results. Being able to sit down together in a room to produce quality results using each individual’s skill and strength is difficult to replicate via an online meeting. 

Outside of group work and official meetings, casual collaboration can happen in the office daily. 

Having a quick chat with a coworker in a casual setting can lead to a full discussion, bringing knowledge sharing and planning with it. 

This kind of teamwork can’t happen while working remotely because everything has to be officially planned, meaning opportunities are missed.

Morale / Motivation 

Humans instinctively seek human interaction, it’s in our nature. 

Depriving workers of interaction takes a toll on morale and motivation, decreases mood and ultimately decreases work quality.  

In the office there’s a workplace culture, an established community and relationship between all staff. If staff are unhappy, they won’t have the motivation to work to their full ability.  

Many employees don’t want to work remotely 

To put it simply, a lot of employees don’t want to work remotely.  

Many find it harder to work from home as it’s their personal space – concentration levels drop as a result.

People need separation between where they work and where they relax. 

Equipment is also a big consideration for workers. Most would much rather work on a high quality, modern, fast and reliable desktop computer whilst sat in an ergonomic chair using an ergonomic desk. 

Working remotely isn’t possible for many

Between personal reasons and technical limitations, working remotely isn’t possible for many. 

If you had to work from home during lockdown, it’s likely that you experienced technical issues at some point, whether it was your personal equipment, Wi-Fi or server problems. It can’t be helped most times and can make productivity a lot more difficult.  

Distractions then start to pop up, working remotely is a lot more difficult with children and pets in the house, or anyone for that matter.  

So often, the office is an escape – a way to get out of the house so that you can thrive in a positive workspace.

Expecting all staff to be able to change their environment and still produce quality work just isn’t realistic.  

Onsite easier to manage 

From a management perspective, having all staff together in an office prevents a lot of difficulties popping up.  

Having the ability to talk to coworkers, offer support and generally manage the work environment can be a pain when it’s all online.  

You can watch, listen and offer help in real time while in the office, making staff more comfortable and your life a lot easier.  

Office breeds innovation 

Space with likeminded individuals, comm and collab, space made for innovation, environment, real time conversations and decisions… 

Being surrounded by likeminded individuals will encourage you to work to your full potential, it’s an environment made to ensure you have everything you need to do this.  

Again, this links back to communication and collaboration, as well as office culture 

Work-life balance 

Working in an office means that personal life and work are easily separate with no confusion – work at work, home at home.

For many, this compartmentalisation is far more preferable – not only for the work benefits, but also for mental health and wellbeing.  

Burnout is all too common in this day and age, the ability to switch off from work is essential.

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