Key components to a positive workspace

Key components to a positive workspace


Having a comfortable work environment can really make a difference in motivation.

The definition of a positive workspace will vary from person to person, but there are some general consistencies.

Use your space wisely

Every office culture is different, so personalise it!

If you have lots of collaborative work, consider a group working area and make sure discussion can happen without disrupting others.

If the workload is individual-based, space staff out enough so they can work efficiently, while ensuring they aren’t completely isolated.

Work with your staff dynamic rather than fight it, it makes a world of difference.

Visually appealing

Nobody is expecting top-of-the-line interior design within your office, but keeping your workspace fresh and aesthetically pleasing isn’t too difficult.

Simple things like natural light improve mental and physical health, so make sure there’s enough room so that it doesn’t look cramped or stuffy.

Avoid clutter, many find it stressful to be surrounded by mess and can have a negative effect on mood and productivity.

Communal areas

Humans are inherently social beings. Working all day with little or no interaction isn’t ideal.

Give the option to have a shared space on breaks. For example, a kitchen/eating area or somewhere to sit and talk to others can be incredibly useful.


Staff wellbeing is heavily affected by their environment, listen and make changes when needed.

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