What Do You Need For Running a Professional Training Session

What Do You Need For Running a Professional Training Session


Training sessions may seem like second nature to many, however it is important that what is being delivered is insightful, effective and relevant to those attending. There are numerous benefits to training sessions within the workplace, such as providing employees with further skills and knowledge that they can apply to their role, the opportunity for departments to collaborate with one another and to reduce any weak links within the company. Read our guide to ensure that you are able to run a meaningful training session. 

Establish Learning Objectives 

This is the basis of any training session as your learning objectives will highlight the skills and knowledge that your team will gain by attending your event. Having clear goals outlined will set an expectation for your learners and thus maximise their potential. It is important that your learning objectives are measurable so that you can base future training sessions on what has been achieved. Additionally, by setting learning objectives, your learners will be able to provide honest and descriptive feedback which again can be used to help build upon future training sessions. 

Keep Adult Learning in Mind 

Although it is key to set learning objectives when delivering a training session, it is fundamental to remember that you will be working with adults and not to ever sound patronising. The ‘Adult Learning Theory’ by Malcolm Knowles focuses on five main principles of learning; self-concept, adult learner experience, readiness to learn, orientation to learning and motivation to learn. If you revolve your training sessions around these principles, you will make the experience much more valuable and meaningful. 

Provide Training Materials 

Training materials are essential in running a seamless training session. They should be used in such a way that supports what you are saying and prompts learners to ask questions and share their thoughts. By staying organised from the beginning to the end, you will stand out from the rest and provide your team with the opportunity to engage with the materials, explain their ideologies and evaluate their learning. 

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