The Ultimate Guide for Collaborating Effectively

The Ultimate Guide for Collaborating Effectively


It is crucial for companies to encourage collaboration across different departments in order to propel the business forward. According to studies, businesses who promote collaboration are five times more likely to be high performing. When individuals work on a project, they are often interdependent and thus, collaboration will allow those with different skills and knowledge to work together to complete the task effectively. The Itek House team have come together to share with you how you can encourage collaboration within your workplace. 

Improve Employee Communication

Especially with more people now working from home, it is important that you encourage communication between your team throughout the day. You can have the most talented individuals within your company, however without a cohesive team, a harmonious culture cannot be sustained. To improve employee communication you must entrust your team to share information with one another and encourage them to provide honest feedback to what would make the workplace a more meaningful place to work. 

Team Building Activities

Activities are one of the most fun ways for teams to build new relationships and amend old ones. Whether it’s arranging for your company to take part in small challenges that encourage collaboration such as problem solving tasks, social team quizzes and games or even monthly team lunches. By doing so, your team will learn to work together and without putting too much pressure on individuals, identify what one another’s strengths and weaknesses are. This sort of exercise can be applied to everyday work tasks and will allow teams to collaborate much more effectively with one another.

Encourage Socialising Outside of Work 

As well as facilitating team building activities within the workplace it is also important to encourage socialising outside of work. This can be as simple as organising a work’s sport team or annual social events such as BBQs, Christmas parties and celebratory meals. Getting to know coworkers outside of the working day can boost interdependence and increase team collaboration and communication. 

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