Office hacks
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Office hacks


If you work in an office, you’ll know why it’s important to utilise the space and make it as comfortable as possible.

The environment you work in affects productivity, creativity and mindset. So, here are some ‘hacks’ that can make life in the office much easier.

Personalise your office space 

If you’re spending lots of time somewhere, you want it to be a positive space for you. 

Really make your office your own. 

Simple things such as a plant, a stationary holder that’s your favourite colour, pictures of loved ones, things that make you happy and feel more at home. 

All these things can be on your desk and, as long as its kept tidy, it will improve your mood.  

Always keep your desk tidy 

Trying to concentrate and get things done while surrounded by clutter never works out. 

Keep any paperwork, notebooks and documents in a drawer, filing cabinet or even a pile (if you don’t have access to any storage space). 

Make sure any day-to-day items or documents are accessible and you know where they are. 

Avoid messy wires and cables by having them either held together or going behind the desk. 

Tidiness means that you won’t be getting distracted by any mess and you’ll feel much more relaxed while at work.  

Stay hydrated and fed 

Your comfort and the way you work is impacted by your health and wellbeing, alongside your environment.  

Making sure that you’re drinking water throughout the day will help you physically and mentally, it improves concentration and mental alertness.  

Eating food is also important, as trying to work while hungry just leads to distraction and lack of motivation. 

Eating foods with lots of omega-3 is proven to improve concentration and mood, as well as helping general cognitive function. 

So, don’t hesitate to use your office kitchen during a shift. Make sure you look after yourself and give your body and brain the fuel it needs to work efficiently.  

Take advantage of natural light 

Natural light has a whole range of benefits: 

– Improves mood
– Increased productivity

– Reduces drowsiness
– Can help reduce the risk of headaches
– Provides vitamin D  

It feels natural to be in natural light (as opposed to the yellow and overly bright lights that so many locations can have). 

So, open those blinds!  

Help your computer to meet your needs 

In an office, you can feel pretty much glued to your screen all day, so why don’t you make your computer usage a little bit easier? 

Set up a password manager on your PC so that you can easily access all of your accounts without having to remember everything. 

Learn some keyboard shortcuts, so you can carry out your work more effectively. 

Keep your desktop organised and have all applications you need downloaded for quick and easy usage.  

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