How to stay productive in an open-plan office

How to stay productive in an open-plan office


We work in a shared office, which is great for breeding innovation and sharing ideas.

But working in a shared office also means you always have people around you; some may be more introverted and want to stay productive while being around others.

The ability to adapt to an open-plan office allows you to take full advantage of the benefits it can provide.

Create alone time

If you’re around people at work all day, you should use your breaks to get some alone time.

Take a minute to relax, find a quiet area, read a book, have a coffee, or whatever you need!

One good way to avoid chatting when you’re trying to take a minute alone is by using headphones.

If you’re listening to music or watching anything on your break, the headphones can also let people know that you aren’t looking to chat.

If there is anywhere outside you can sit during summer, do it!

Fresh air and sun can really help improve your physical and mental health.

Decorate your space

We’ve said this a lot, but office decor is important.

It makes your desk feel more your own, it helps with motivation and mood as a whole.

Plants can also be great, as bringing the outdoors inside freshens things up a bit.

They also help keep the air healthy, with lots of benefits!

Use shelves and desk organisers

One thing that many workers can struggle with is staying productive in mess and clutter.

A messy environment encourages a messy mind.

Using storage compartments and methods can avoid giving in to this clutter.

It also makes the office look more professional, for staff and any clients that may see it.

Use your corners

It sounds strange, but in an open-plan office, corners are often wasted space.

Rather than just filling them with a potted plant, think about how you could rearrange your furniture to make the best use of the room.

Give employees some breathing space between desks, so it feels less cramped.

Open-plan and collaborative spaces can work really well with certain business models.

It encourages innovation and communication between employees, meaning teamwork is increased.

Employee morale can make or break your team, and sociability increases that morale.

Space has always been a sign of success and prosperity, but now it offers opportunity, it all depends on how you use it.

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