How to Run a Successful Business Meeting

How to Run a Successful Business Meeting


Nothing is worse than being stuck in an unproductive meeting when you know you can be spending your time better. The meeting starts late, the agenda is unclear, there are no visuals and you can’t properly hear the speaker – the list goes on! Here are our top tips to ensure that when you are next running a business meeting you can be sure that your team gets the most out of it. 

Set an Agenda

Before the meeting, try and share an agenda with those attending so that participants have a clear understanding of what will be covered and prepare any notes or questions that they have. By distributing an agenda before a business meeting, your colleagues will be immediately engaged which will waste less time during the meeting. Furthermore, an agenda will keep your meeting on track which means your will be more likely to achieve the goals and benchmarks set beforehand. 

Start on Time and End on Time

First and foremost, time is money. Do not waste your company’s resources by showing up late for a meeting and then in turn, having the meeting run over. Be considerate towards your colleagues as they are taking the time off of their hectic work schedules to attend your meeting. Additionally, if you stick to your agenda then there will be fewer people watching the clock and more actively participating and contributing ideas and sharing thoughts. 

Ensure There is an Action Plan Going Forward

Before ending your meeting, make sure that you leave some time to discuss the next steps with your team. Be clear who will be responsible for what task and set deadlines for completion. By doing so, you are setting expectations and your colleagues will feel that even before the meeting has ended, that the team is moving forward. If you fail to do this, chances are everyone will leave your meeting, forget what was discussed and nothing will be accomplished, therefore resulting in a waste of time. 

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