What Makes Itek the Ideal Office Rental?

No matter what business you operate, the location of your office is important. Itek House offers spacious and bright office spaces, meeting and boardrooms for hire in Glenrothes, Fife. We are one of the most popular commercial rentals within the area and here is why: 

Our Included Amenities 

When you rent one of our office suites, boardrooms or meeting rooms you will also have access to a range of amenities for no extra cost. Our space is cleaned daily and is designed so that you get the most out of your day, distraction free. For when you and your team need a break, you will also have full access to a communal seating area and separate kitchen area. Both are great for catching up with colleagues or for having some down time with a cup of coffee and sandwich. Itek House also offers free car parking which is monitored by CCTV and the building is alarmed to ensure that you and your team are protected when you are using our space. 

Fantastic Transport Links 

Public transport links are just a 5 minute walk from the Itek House building, which means you are able to travel in no matter where you are coming from. Itek House is located in between Glenrothes Train Station and Markinch Train Station so that you have the option to travel in via from either station. Also, we are fortunate enough to be a few minutes away from bus links to Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy which is handy for those who may be visiting from local villages.

Nearby Facilities 

If you have team members travelling from afar then don’t worry about them having to travel even further to get into the office. Itek House is located right off the B921 and just minutes from both Premier Inn Glenrothes and Travelodge Glenrothes. If that wasn’t good enough, there are many local cafes and shops nearby and a McDonald's Restaurant and Beijing Banquet, a Chinese buffet, 5 minutes from the office so that you and your team have the option to dine out. 

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The Ultimate Guide for Collaborating Effectively

It is crucial for companies to encourage collaboration across different departments in order to propel the business forward. According to studies, businesses who promote collaboration are five times more likely to be high performing. When individuals work on a project, they are often interdependent and thus, collaboration will allow those with different skills and knowledge to work together to complete the task effectively. The Itek House team have come together to share with you how you can encourage collaboration within your workplace. 

Improve Employee Communication

Especially with more people now working from home, it is important that you encourage communication between your team throughout the day. You can have the most talented individuals within your company, however without a cohesive team, a harmonious culture cannot be sustained. To improve employee communication you must entrust your team to share information with one another and encourage them to provide honest feedback to what would make the workplace a more meaningful place to work. 

Team Building Activities

Activities are one of the most fun ways for teams to build new relationships and amend old ones. Whether it’s arranging for your company to take part in small challenges that encourage collaboration such as problem solving tasks, social team quizzes and games or even monthly team lunches. By doing so, your team will learn to work together and without putting too much pressure on individuals, identify what one another's strengths and weaknesses are. This sort of exercise can be applied to everyday work tasks and will allow teams to collaborate much more effectively with one another.

Encourage Socialising Outside of Work 

As well as facilitating team building activities within the workplace it is also important to encourage socialising outside of work. This can be as simple as organising a work’s sport team or annual social events such as BBQs, Christmas parties and celebratory meals. Getting to know coworkers outside of the working day can boost interdependence and increase team collaboration and communication. 

Itek House offers fantastic work space for companies who are looking to hire and can facilitate collaborative learning and working on a daily basis. Contact us today for more information.

What Do You Need For Running a Professional Training Session

Training sessions may seem like second nature to many, however it is important that what is being delivered is insightful, effective and relevant to those attending. There are numerous benefits to training sessions within the workplace, such as providing employees with further skills and knowledge that they can apply to their role, the opportunity for departments to collaborate with one another and to reduce any weak links within the company. Read our guide to ensure that you are able to run a meaningful training session. 

Establish Learning Objectives 

This is the basis of any training session as your learning objectives will highlight the skills and knowledge that your team will gain by attending your event. Having clear goals outlined will set an expectation for your learners and thus maximise their potential. It is important that your learning objectives are measurable so that you can base future training sessions on what has been achieved. Additionally, by setting learning objectives, your learners will be able to provide honest and descriptive feedback which again can be used to help build upon future training sessions. 

Keep Adult Learning in Mind 

Although it is key to set learning objectives when delivering a training session, it is fundamental to remember that you will be working with adults and not to ever sound patronising. The ‘Adult Learning Theory’ by Malcolm Knowles focuses on five main principles of learning; self-concept, adult learner experience, readiness to learn, orientation to learning and motivation to learn. If you revolve your training sessions around these principles, you will make the experience much more valuable and meaningful. 

Provide Training Materials 

Training materials are essential in running a seamless training session. They should be used in such a way that supports what you are saying and prompts learners to ask questions and share their thoughts. By staying organised from the beginning to the end, you will stand out from the rest and provide your team with the opportunity to engage with the materials, explain their ideologies and evaluate their learning. 

Itek House offers spacious and bright meeting and boardrooms that are equipped with the latest technology. You will also have access to WiFi, 50” LED HD screen, flipchart, whiteboard and markers, integrated PC with mouse and keyboard with no extra charge. Contact us today for more information.

How to Run a Successful Business Meeting

Nothing is worse than being stuck in an unproductive meeting when you know you can be spending your time better. The meeting starts late, the agenda is unclear, there are no visuals and you can’t properly hear the speaker - the list goes on! Here are our top tips to ensure that when you are next running a business meeting you can be sure that your team gets the most out of it. 

Set an Agenda

Before the meeting, try and share an agenda with those attending so that participants have a clear understanding of what will be covered and prepare any notes or questions that they have. By distributing an agenda before a business meeting, your colleagues will be immediately engaged which will waste less time during the meeting. Furthermore, an agenda will keep your meeting on track which means your will be more likely to achieve the goals and benchmarks set beforehand. 

Start on Time and End on Time

First and foremost, time is money. Do not waste your company’s resources by showing up late for a meeting and then in turn, having the meeting run over. Be considerate towards your colleagues as they are taking the time off of their hectic work schedules to attend your meeting. Additionally, if you stick to your agenda then there will be fewer people watching the clock and more actively participating and contributing ideas and sharing thoughts. 

Ensure There is an Action Plan Going Forward

Before ending your meeting, make sure that you leave some time to discuss the next steps with your team. Be clear who will be responsible for what task and set deadlines for completion. By doing so, you are setting expectations and your colleagues will feel that even before the meeting has ended, that the team is moving forward. If you fail to do this, chances are everyone will leave your meeting, forget what was discussed and nothing will be accomplished, therefore resulting in a waste of time. 

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